Spa Treatment Set

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Spa Treatment Set

We will come to you...

Life is tough enough. All sessions include Meditation, Reiki Touch, Fire-Cupping, and Sound & Aroma Therapy for a totally immersive healing experience. For energy healing, mindfulness, relaxation, tension release, and rejuvenation.

Contact us for appointments. Achieve harmony and well-being.

This is a fully immersive experience to bring Health, Wealth, Wellbeing & Love!

Spa Treatment Set

What to Expect

Therapist doing reiki on patient
Fire Massage, Flame and Heating for Cupping Spa  for Holistic Wellness with Glass Jars. Beauty, Luxury Skincare and Body Treatment of a Physical  Session to Find Relax, Peace and Health
Spa Treatment Set

reiki touch

50 minute Reiki healing energy alignment session with aroma therapy



Enjoy a custom guided meditation with binaural brainwave therapy with your Reiki session



70 minute session

with Reiki Touch, Guided Meditation and Fire cupping


Services Provided by Appointment

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Hours: 11am - 7pm

806 Lyons Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22406

(504) 51-RELAX

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